Big updates to the student center


A ministry team in Oregon raised $6500 of their own money to give our students a better place to hang out and find some recreation!  Not only that, but next month in July, they’ll be putting their hard work where their money is.  They will be coming down to tackle the needs of our student common room at our Bayamón 1 Campus.  In the video, you can see its current condition.  Like the rest of our facilities, it has suffered years of deferred maintenance after budget cuts and other financial struggles.  But that is ending!

The student rec room is an important part of our rehabilitation process.  Here, our students eat their daily meals.  They have Bible studies and group therapy sessions.  They can kick back and relax during their free time with television and a pool table.  So obviously, this room needs to be pleasant, clean, and updated!

If you’ve been seeing the stories about our Buena Vista campus and all the amazing work there, now we’re moving on to other centers like this one in Bayamón.  God is doing great things, and the volunteers’ hard work is paying off!  Our Greater Works Vision for the missionaries is to remodel all of our campuses Islandwide.  This will be the first of many projects on our central location campus.

These teams our directed by our Global Missions Coordinator, Karla Poirier.  Pray for her as she juggles the needs and opportunities of large visiting teams every month!  If you’re interested in bringing your missions team, contact her here.

Story submitted by Brian Poirier

This video is a message to the team that will be coming to fix the student recreation room.  Take a peek inside!

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