Cooking up everyday miracles

Eduardo helps to make more than 150 meals per day in our Bayamón 1 center

Although Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes in first-century Galilee, today He expects us to get in there and do the hard work of cooking ourselves!  At Teen Challenge, one of our core principles is that in order to recover their whole selves and dignity, our students need to learn hard work.  And this young man certainly has!

One of our current star students, Eduardo works in the kitchen making hot meals for other students and staff alike.  He’s known for his can-do attitude and cheerful smile.  Both come in handy during the meal rush!  Rain or shine, 7 days a week, someone has to make more than 150 meals 3 times per day for the Bayamón 1 center.  And Eduardo takes the pressure like a champ!  The food is there, hot and ready, when it’s time to eat.

Pray for Eduardo and all our students.  Many of them come from tough backgrounds, broken homes, life on the streets.  Most of them are recovering substance abuse victims.  All of them need strength to keep going through our grueling program.  When Eduardo leaves Teen Challenge as a triumphant graduate, he’ll have been given the gift of a whole new set of life skills.  Pray that he takes the most important gift of all with him – a new life in Christ Jesus as a brand-new creation!

Eduardo helps to make more than 150 meals per day in our Bayamón 1 center

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