Helping hands from New York City!


We can’t say thank you enough for all the helping hands that came this week from our sister Teen Challenge organizations in the Big Apple!  They participated in our “Greater Works 2018!” street campaign!  This week we hosted over 60 short-term missionaries from Teen Challenge New York and Teen Challenge Brooklyn.  Caribbean vacation?  Nah.  They hit the streets!  Drug intervention, delivery of emergency supplies to churches and poor neighborhoods still affected by Hurricane María, and even fundraising.  That’s right – fundraising!

Brooklyn Teen Challenge Director, the one and only Pastor Paul Burke, gave a rip-roaring message about freedom in Christ.  He told us it’s time not just to tell people, but to show them, that He can break every chain!  Teams fanned out all over the San Juan area with this message.

Thanks so much to these teams for their awesome support.  We need all the help we can get.  Would you consider donating to keep their work going?


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