Ministry makeover continues


More friends have been coming into town to help us update our ministry campus!  Years of hot tropical sun, winds, and deferred maintenance due to budget cuts – not to mention Hurricane María – left us with a lot of updating to do.  Andy and his team from Chicago came to help!  This was no “missionary vacation.”  They got right to work on our Buena Vista campus, painting and fixing.  This campus is almost done.  After finishing here, they will be moving on to our central offices at Bayamón 1!

Thanks so much to Andy and all the faithful volunteers.  Your help is critical to continuing the work we do here.  Labor in Puerto Rico is expensive, and finding people to do maintenance work is difficult these days since there is such a demand post-hurricane.  Your love and commitment to Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico will never be forgotten!

Of course, the labor may be given, but we still have to buy the paint, buckets, brushes, gas for the vans, etc.  We’re celebrating 50 years of ministry in Puerto Rico.  Would you give a special $50 gift to help us celebrate?

Story submitted by Brian Poirier

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