More preparations for growth


There are many things underway here at Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico, and one of the most exciting has to do with our Sonner solar power initiative.  We are working with local and Stateside partners to set up solar installations in key places around the Island.  Given our experience with Hurricane María, and the fact this is a tropical island where hurricanes will always be a threat, we are helping our communities prepare for the eventuality of another extended power outage.

This growth is all a part of our celebration of 50 years!  We are excited to see how Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico is going to impact the Island. In these photos, guest speaker former Chief Deputy to the President of the United States, Henry Lazano, along with  President of Teen Challenge Puerto Rico Dr. Rodney Hart, strategize and prepare the staff for Island wide work.  All campuses will be equipped with Sonner solar panel power!

Story submitted by Brian Poirier


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