More supplies delivered to hungry people


Comerío is only about 30 minutes’ drive from the glittering lights of the tourist area of San Juan.  But for these people, more than 5 months after Hurricane María, it might as well be a thousand miles away.  The lights are still not on.  Roads are still treacherous, full of potholes and obstructions.  Many still don’t have water service restored.

So do you think we’d sit around in our campus and ignore the need?  No, never!  Once again we headed out to the “campo” to deliver supplies and the hope of Jesus Christ to these precious people.  We distributed several thousand pounds of beans and rice, along with bottled water and other supplies.  God is touching lives!  The Word will not return empty!

Please pray for the precious people of Puerto Rico.  We’re not in the headlines in The New York Times or CNN anymore, but for many, Hurricane María is not a “last year” thing.  It’s still happening.  And everyone is keeping a nervous eye on the calendar.  The next hurricane season is only months away . . .

Help us keep this important work going!  These big vans are gas suckers.  They get about 14MPG on a good highway, but up in the mountain roads a lot less. Donate to help us keep them rolling!


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