Muslim meets Christ, gets to work at Teen Challenge!


William Cruz is one of those stories that makes you feel good all over.  Raised in a devout Muslim family, he unfortunately left the moral teachings of his faith, fell into bad ways, and wound up with a drug addiction.  Soon things were out of control and he needed help.  Then just over a year ago, he came to Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico.

Right away, William was a special student.  His attitude was cheerful and he embraced life as a student with open arms.  When Hurricane María hit Puerto Rico, he joined our Hurricane Relief Team immediately.  He has been part of our effort to bring emergency supplies to people all over Puerto Rico.  (In fact, we’ve given over 3 million pounds of relief away in 40% of the Island’s municipalities.)  He also participated in our chapel services and Bible studies, learning about our faith and asking lots of questions.

Along the way, Jesus Christ met William Cruz in a powerful way.  William accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, and now wants to go into full-time Christian ministry.  What an amazing testimony of Jesus’ love and work in the life of a man who seeks Him!

For his special, cheerful attitude, his can-do work ethic, and his desire to give back, William Cruz was our Student of the Month for April 2018.  Pray for him as he continues learning more about his new faith.  And pray God’s special anointing over his future plans.

At Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico, we welcome students of all faiths and no faith at all.  We never seek to impose our Christian faith on anyone.  At the same time, we openly share our Christian faith with those who come on board as a student, and participating in our services and rituals is a part of their healing process.  Whether a student comes in as an atheist or a Muslim or anything else, we are confident that the love of Jesus Christ they experience at Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico will have an impact for a lifetime.  And we celebrate every time one of them makes that all-important decision for Christ.

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