Sharing brotherly love


If you have been following the adventures of our Teen Challenge Chorus here, and here, and here, you know we have been busy bringing  worship and song to friends all over the Island!  This summer, we will be doing even more trips from coast to coast, helping our young men continue their psychosocial  recovery as they bring joy to churches.

So that’s why it is always good to slow down, take a breather, and relax in fellowship and good company.  In these snapshots, Teen Challenge Chorus leader Alberto Rodríguez (far right) shares a clean joke with the chorus team members.  They were sitting down to share food and fellowship with the members of a church they visited on June 14th.

It may seem a small thing, but it’s not.  These young men are learning how to have healthy, normal relationships and good, honest fun.  Remember that many of these young men came from broken homes in extreme poverty, and the only love and affection they ever knew came from their fellow gang members.  So helping them transition out of that into a healthy, responsible citizen is critical to their recovery.  The churches they visit know this, and they’re extra sweet.  Thanks so much to this church for hosting us!

These trips cost a lot of gasoline.  Would you consider helping us with a $50 0ne-time gift to celebrate our 50th anniversary?

Story submitted by Alberto Rodríguez


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