Sharing in music

Chorus from Iglesia Ministerio Sanador in Río Piedras

Many people don’t know this, but each of our centers has a full church in it.  (Not just a chapel, but a real church with a pastor, student participation, and more social and spiritual services.)  This church is key to the recovery of our students as it serves multiple functions for them, from a social outlet to a place where they can meet Jesus.  This is why it is so encouraging when other churches come in and help us with our weekly worship!  Recently the chorus from Iglesia Ministerio Sanador in Río Piedras took charge of our worship service.  Director Idaris Rivera gave the message and Brother Javier Rivera led the chorus in song and praise.

The entire congregation came to life, singing a mix of modern praise and worship and older songs.  What joy to share with the Body of Christ!  Teen Challenge always wants our students to learn that we may all have different churches with different traditions, but we are one Body.  The unity in the church can help to heal a society that is so divided among class, wealth, and color lines!



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