Trust God with all your tomorrows


Brian Poirier writes:

“Over one and a half year ago Karla and I got married.  We believed God was calling us to leave everything and go to Puerto Rico, not knowing we were going to get hit by 2 hurricanes which would destroy our house and cause us to lose everything.

In our household today Karla’s serves as the Global Missions Director, as well as Assistant to the Director of Teen Challenge Puerto Rico.  She’s in a place where we have had several teams come and help us in our ministry. As of now we are on track to have over 20 mission teams this year stay on our campus and to do outreaches, rebuild houses, fix roofs and distribute over 3,000,000 pounds of supplies across the Island. As well as giving teen Challenge Puerto Rico a ministry makeover and remodeling multiple rooms on our campuses and paining the buildings.

Two years ago in prayer, we asked God for direction.  God told us to ‘go.’  That’s all  we knew – just go.  He wanted us to go to Puerto Rico and He would provide the rest.  We thank you God for providing for Karla and I as we stepped out in faith and continue to trust in Jesus.”

Story submitted by Brian Poirier

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