Teen Challenge chorus visits church in Guaynabo


The Teen Challenge Chorus continues visiting churches, sharing music and hope!  On this occasion, July 8 2018, we visited the Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal M.I. on the Avenida Esmeralda in Guaynabo.  Pastor González and his congregation extended a warm welcome.

Capellán Albert Rodríguez gave the reflection, while our boys sang and testified to the greatness of our God.  We shared stories of lives saved from drug addiction and the destruction of the Enemy.  God is good and we continue forward with the struggle!

Thank you for those who give financially to support these important church visits.  The visits are an important part of the social and spiritual development of our boys.  They find new strength to continue forward, and their joyful attitude is proof that they enjoy the visits very much.  Plus, as we raise our public profile, more families know where to turn when their son falls into drug addiction.  Traveling around the Island in big vans is expensive, so would you consider giving to keep them rolling?  Thanks!

Story submitted by Albert Rodríguez

Walk to value your life!


“Value your life!  Say yes to Christ and no to drugs!” we chanted as we walked through the barrio La Central in Canóvanas, Puerto Rico.  This fun and family-friendly event, which occurred Saturday, June 17, 2018, was organized by Iglesia Estrella de Jacob in that neighborhood.  Together with various other churches of the community, they invited us to participate in this event.

This is the fourth year we have taken part in the event.  We shared the message that we give out everywhere: That with Christ, people can be free from the chains of drug addiction!

Thank you to the vision of Iglesia Estrella de Jacob and others in Canóvanas for sponsoring such an important event.  God is honored and lives are saved by your hard work and diligent witness!

Story submitted by Albert Rodríguez

Trust God with all your tomorrows


Brian Poirier writes:

“Over one and a half year ago Karla and I got married.  We believed God was calling us to leave everything and go to Puerto Rico, not knowing we were going to get hit by 2 hurricanes which would destroy our house and cause us to lose everything.

In our household today Karla’s serves as the Global Missions Director, as well as Assistant to the Director of Teen Challenge Puerto Rico.  She’s in a place where we have had several teams come and help us in our ministry. As of now we are on track to have over 20 mission teams this year stay on our campus and to do outreaches, rebuild houses, fix roofs and distribute over 3,000,000 pounds of supplies across the Island. As well as giving teen Challenge Puerto Rico a ministry makeover and remodeling multiple rooms on our campuses and paining the buildings.

Two years ago in prayer, we asked God for direction.  God told us to ‘go.’  That’s all  we knew – just go.  He wanted us to go to Puerto Rico and He would provide the rest.  We thank you God for providing for Karla and I as we stepped out in faith and continue to trust in Jesus.”

Story submitted by Brian Poirier

More preparations for growth


There are many things underway here at Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico, and one of the most exciting has to do with our Sonner solar power initiative.  We are working with local and Stateside partners to set up solar installations in key places around the Island.  Given our experience with Hurricane María, and the fact this is a tropical island where hurricanes will always be a threat, we are helping our communities prepare for the eventuality of another extended power outage.

This growth is all a part of our celebration of 50 years!  We are excited to see how Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico is going to impact the Island. In these photos, guest speaker former Chief Deputy to the President of the United States, Henry Lazano, along with  President of Teen Challenge Puerto Rico Dr. Rodney Hart, strategize and prepare the staff for Island wide work.  All campuses will be equipped with Sonner solar panel power!

Story submitted by Brian Poirier


Praying over our team in Florida


There are big plans for upcoming ministry outreach cooperation between Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico and Paula White’s ministry.  Here we see her praying over a team that is gathering to help Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico in upcoming ministry opportunities.  Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico is honored to receive help from many churches and other organizations.  Thank you for your support!

Teen Challenge Chorus visits church in Río Grande


Pastor Francisco Quiñones, ex-Executive Director of Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico, opened the doors to us at the church Iglesia Movimiento Cristiano Sahdai AD, which he pastors, on June 24 2018.  We came for the morning service.  Members of the chorus shared their testimonies.  Pastor Enrique Calero (dressed in blue) gave the preaching.  He is a product of the Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico program.

We give thanks for churches like this one that open their doors to our Teen Challenge Chorus.  These visits are important for our guys, as they help them with their social and spiritual development.  Plus, they are a lot of fun!

Thank you to Pastor Francisco Quiñones and the team at  Iglesia Movimiento Cristiano Sahdai AD for the warm welcome and fellowship.  We love you very much.

Story submitted by Albert Rodríguez


New “golden logo” for our 50 year anniversary!


We’re pleased to unveil our new “golden logo” for our 50-year anniversary!  We have been changing lives and helping people to break free from the chains of addiction in Puerto Rico for 50 years now.  We have much planned for upcoming months to celebrate, and this new golden logo is part of that.  Celebrate with us!

50 years is a huge milestone.  Would you help us with a special one-time gift of $50?

Story submitted by Brian Poirier

Sharing brotherly love


If you have been following the adventures of our Teen Challenge Chorus here, and here, and here, you know we have been busy bringing  worship and song to friends all over the Island!  This summer, we will be doing even more trips from coast to coast, helping our young men continue their psychosocial  recovery as they bring joy to churches.

So that’s why it is always good to slow down, take a breather, and relax in fellowship and good company.  In these snapshots, Teen Challenge Chorus leader Alberto Rodríguez (far right) shares a clean joke with the chorus team members.  They were sitting down to share food and fellowship with the members of a church they visited on June 14th.

It may seem a small thing, but it’s not.  These young men are learning how to have healthy, normal relationships and good, honest fun.  Remember that many of these young men came from broken homes in extreme poverty, and the only love and affection they ever knew came from their fellow gang members.  So helping them transition out of that into a healthy, responsible citizen is critical to their recovery.  The churches they visit know this, and they’re extra sweet.  Thanks so much to this church for hosting us!

These trips cost a lot of gasoline.  Would you consider helping us with a $50 0ne-time gift to celebrate our 50th anniversary?

Story submitted by Alberto Rodríguez


Big updates to the student center


A ministry team in Oregon raised $6500 of their own money to give our students a better place to hang out and find some recreation!  Not only that, but next month in July, they’ll be putting their hard work where their money is.  They will be coming down to tackle the needs of our student common room at our Bayamón 1 Campus.  In the video, you can see its current condition.  Like the rest of our facilities, it has suffered years of deferred maintenance after budget cuts and other financial struggles.  But that is ending!

The student rec room is an important part of our rehabilitation process.  Here, our students eat their daily meals.  They have Bible studies and group therapy sessions.  They can kick back and relax during their free time with television and a pool table.  So obviously, this room needs to be pleasant, clean, and updated!

If you’ve been seeing the stories about our Buena Vista campus and all the amazing work there, now we’re moving on to other centers like this one in Bayamón.  God is doing great things, and the volunteers’ hard work is paying off!  Our Greater Works Vision for the missionaries is to remodel all of our campuses Islandwide.  This will be the first of many projects on our central location campus.

These teams our directed by our Global Missions Coordinator, Karla Poirier.  Pray for her as she juggles the needs and opportunities of large visiting teams every month!  If you’re interested in bringing your missions team, contact her here.

Story submitted by Brian Poirier

This video is a message to the team that will be coming to fix the student recreation room.  Take a peek inside!