Preparing for more ministry


There are big plans for our multi-purpose facilities at the Buena Vista campus.  Not only are they used to house our students, but we want them to be more.  For instance, we’d like to add a computer lab where students can learn those tech skills that are so necessary in our day and age.  We’d like to offer more too, everything from more Bible study and life skills classes, to maybe even a recording studio!  Lots of ideas are on the table, but the most important part is getting it all ready to go.  In recent weeks, our own intrepid Norberto, together with a team of volunteers, have been doing just that.  Painting, cleaning, and even adding rain gutters.

“People who come to our Buena Vista campus for the first time often comment on what a jewel it is,” says Brian Poirier, Promotions Director of Teen Challenge of Puerto Rico.  “It’s a special place.  It is quiet and peaceful, and the view down the mountain is just amazing.”   The view from the multi-purpose facility is especially eye-catching.  “We hope that the guys feel inspired by these surroundings and it gives them the strength to continue the good fight!”

The Buena Vista campus has been needing some TLC for quite a while, and of course Hurricane María didn’t help. But a lot of progress has been made over the past two years.  For instance, the termite-damaged bunk beds (pictured below) have been replaced with new metal ones, thanks to a donation.  Also, the water-damaged ceiling tiles and bathroom facilities (picture below) have been fixed.

But still, more needs to be done.  For instance, we still have the issue with the woefully inadequate septic tank.  The tank is far too small for the needs of a growing student population, which needs we have to pump it twice per day.  Of course, this is expensive.  And it leads to all kinds of fun and games when the service is not available (like after a hurricane!).  Would you consider giving towards these and other needs at our Buena Vista campus?

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